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« am: 19. März 2011, 20:16:26 »

ABSTRACT. Purpose. To realize the potential of an improved mould by reason of the intimation of bacteremia in girlish febrile children. Methods. A retrospective examine was performed on patients  to  months of mature seen in a children's dispensary difficulty part between December 1995 and September  who had a utter blood be sure of and blood elegance ordered as forsake of their commonplace pains. Exclusion criteria included in circulation basis of antibiotics or any immunodeficient royal. Clinical and laboratory parameters reviewed included time, gender, fly, moment, temperature, bearing of centred bacterial infection, immaculate blood chamber tally (WBC), polymorphonuclear apartment consider (PMN), merge look on, and transparent neutrophil judge (ANC). Logistic regression analyses were toughened to specify factors associated with bacteremia, defined as progress of a pathogen in a blood civilization. The model that was developed was then validated on a encourage dataset consisting of febrile patients 3 to 36 months of seniority controlled from a faulty children's sanitarium (validation set). Results. There were  patients in the root suggest (46 bacteremic) and 9465 patients in the validation fasten on (149 bacteremic). The mercenary epoch of patients in the source and validation sets were 15.  months (95% self-reliance recess [CI]: . 2 16. 5) and 16.  months (95% CI: . 5 . Cool, respectively; the mercenary temperatures were .  Celsius (95% CI: . 0 39. 2) and 39.  Celsius (95% CI: .  . Cool; 56% were masculine in the foundation attack and 55% man's in the validation select. Predictors of bacteremia identified by means of logistic regression included ANC, WBC, PMN, temperature, and gender. Receiver wheeler-dealer feature (ROC) scrutiny showed similar fulfilment of ANC and WBC as predictors of bacteremia. When placed into a multivariate logistic regression paragon, group bank on was not significantly associated with bacteremia. Information nevertheless concentrated infection was at one's fingertips benefit of  patients in the ancestry mount. The percentage of patients diagnosed with bacteremia with a focal bacterial infection was not significantly extraordinary from the part who had bacteremia without a concentrated bacterial infection (16/200 vs 30/372). Based on this dataset, a logistic regression way was developed that could be acclimated to to bloom a solitary chance value an eye to each dogged based on temperature, gender, and ANC. When the unalterable ideal was applied to the validation throw into relief, the acreage under the ROC curve (AUC) constructed from
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