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Ophthalmic tidings 5O1(k) gap JULY 1, 2  0 9 / Ophthalmology Times Tear osmolarity contraption could subsidize barren aim diagnosis By Jennifer A. Webb San Diego—The FDA has granted 501(k) interval to a revitalized badge (TearLab Osmolarity System, TearLab Corp. That measures the osmolarity of tears to subvention in the diagnosis of biting aim complaint. The methodology, thither the magnitude of a horn, ab sorbs a bantam, 50 nl snatch sample via capillary activity and measures the osmolarity of the tears. "High osmolarity correlates with arid percipience affliction, " said Eric Donsky, chief manager constable ofTearLab. The technology, which was cleared nearby the FDA May  and will keep a "soft launch" until Kalatan BRIEF SUMMARY Before prescribing, see fit consul! Full prescribing informalion. INDICATIONS AND USAGE XAU^TAN Sterile Opnthaimic Solution is indicated lor the reduction ol eievated intraocular arm-twisting in patients witti begin angie giaucoma or ocuiar hypertension. CQHTRAIWDICATIQHS Known hypetsensitivily to latanoprost, benzaikonium chloride or any other ingredients in tfiis issue. XALATAN Sterile Ophthalmic Soiution has been reported to create changes lo pigmented tissues. The most I q tly ported changes suffer with been increased pigmentation ot the iris, periorbital pile (eyelid) and y I h and spread of eyelashes. Pigmentation is expected to advance as great as XALATAN is adm t Ú. Alter discontinuation of XALATAN, pigmentation of the ifis is appropriate to be petmanent while p gm tat of the periorbital tissus and eyeiash changes prepare been reported to be reversibie in some portion t P i ents who get treatment should be advised of the possibiiity of increased pigmentation. The effects of increased pigmentation beyond  years are not known. PRECAUTIOHS Goneral: XALATAN Sterile Ophthalmic Solution may gradually multiplication the pigmentation ol Ihe iris. The liking coloi hard cash is owing to Increased melanin satisfaction in the stromal meianocyies of the iris more readily than to an proliferate in ttie slew of meiafîocytes. This variation may not be noticeabie notwithstanding sundry months to years (see WARNINGS). Typicaliy, the brown pigmentation about the disciple spreads concentrically supporting the edge oi the iris and the unscathed iris or parts of the iris befit more brownish. Neither nevi nor freckles of the iris show to be impressed through treatment. While treatment wittt XALATAN can be continued in patients who elaborate on noticeably increased Iris pigmentation, these patients should [url=
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