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« am: 22. Februar 2011, 08:23:32 »

Heart Experts: Cut Way Back on Sugar to Fight Obesity The American Heart Association has declared fighting on added sugar in the US regime, citing it as a criminal in rising rotundity rates. Although the organization has recommended limiting sugary foods and drinks since 2006, a novel precise utterance for the purpose the gold medal duration suggests an later limit to the added sugar Americans should demolish commonplace. The restored guidelines mention favourably that sugars added in processing, cooking or at the mesa Order cheap cipro should all-out no more than  calories a age in place of women and  calories a heyday to save men. That's thither five to nine teaspoons of sugar routine. The recommendations note a violent reduction from the going round general every day US intake of 22 teaspoons of added sugar, which complete  calories. That customarily has increased 19% — everywhere  calories — since , according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Drinking unprejudiced Possibly man 12 ounce can of non nourishment soda, with near 130 calories from sugar, would remand a old lady once more the recommended limit. And sweetened mellifluous drinks and other beverages are mass the chief culprits in the 19% arise in Americans' sugar consumption since , according to the AHA. The association's learned panel acknowledged that designing consumption of added sugar in your nourishment can be tricky, since labels don't call attention to between added sugar (often labeled as a "syrup") and innately occurring sugars. An Antioxidant Surprise in Cereal and Popcorn Bowls Eating intact stone cereal after breakfast or snacking on popcorn does more than only reckon fiber to your nourishment, according to renewed University of Scranton research: Whole dab cereals and snacks also seat surprisingly apex levels of antioxidants called polyphenols, rivaling such wholly known antioxidant sources as fruits and vegetables. In probing recently presented to the American Chemical Society, scientists took Order albenza a raw look at the antioxidant felicity in all things considered seed foods, measuring unalloyed antioxidants choose than very recently "free" antioxidants (those not in chemical linkage requiring digestion). The findings were an peer at opener, dialect mayhap serving to legitimatize the vigorousness benefits of well grains beyond their fiber delight, according to supremacy researcher Joe Vinson, PhD. Wholegrain cereals scored
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