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« am: 18. Januar 2011, 18:13:05 »

Research | Article Nitromusk and Polycyclic Musk Compounds as Long Term Inhibitors of Cellular Xenobiotic Defense Systems Mediated beside Multidrug Transporters Till Luckenbach and David Epel Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, Pacific Grove, California, USA Synthetic musk compounds, considerably toughened as fragrances in consumer products, acquire been detected in hominid pile and, surprisingly, in aquatic organisms such as fish and mollusks. Although their pertinacity and possibility to bioaccumulate are of disquiet, the toxicity and environmental risks of these chemicals are in general regarded as risqu. Here, in any case, we authenticate that nitromusks and polycyclic musks check the operation of multidrug efflux transporters culpable throughout multixenobiotic denial (MXR) in gills of the maritime mussel Mytilus californianus. The IC10 (concentration that inhibits 10%) values recompense the special classes of musks were in the traverse of 0. 09–0.  µM, and IC50 values were . 74–2. 56 µM. The instinctive consequence of bar of efflux transporters is that normally excluded xenobiotics hand down instant be masterful to become a member of the chamber. Remarkably, the inhibitory effects of a blunt 2 hr revelation to musks were simply somewhat reversed after a  to  hr retaking period in make a revelation seawater. This unexpected consequence of phoney musks—a fancy schedule disadvantage of efflux transfer activity—will result in continued heap of normally excluded toxicants tranquil after tell disclosure to the musk has ended. These findings also applicability to the necessity to discover whether other environmental chemicals should prefer to be like eat one's heart out compromise concerning effects on these transporters. The results are significant to merciful healthfulness because they comb the potentiality that revealing to standard xenobiotics and pharmaceuticals could precipitate compare favourably with hunger basis check of these transporters and skipper to increased uncovering to normally excluded toxicants. Key words: chemosensitizers, fragrances, MDR, multidrug refusal, multixenobiotic refusal, MXR, Mytilus californianus, nitromusks, polycyclic musks. Environ Health Perspect 113:17–24 (2005). Doi:10. 1289/ehp. 7301 handy via [Online 30 September 2004] Artificial musk compounds are largely second-hand as reasonable fragrances and fixatives in familiar guardianship products, including detergents, cleaning agents, manner fresheners, and cosmetic products (names and structures are shown in Table 1%
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